Tips to make it through the holidays – Just say NO to pie!

Hey, just because someone offers you a piece of pie, doesn’t mean that you need to take it.  Just say no!

You shouldn’t eat just because everyone else is eating.

Don’t go along to get along.  This is YOUR body.

Either take smaller portions or just say “No Thank You!”

6750c460bebe24ae8ee0e1e1c41ecb72Let me share with you something that happened to me this week.

Of course it was our company holiday gathering.  Tons of food was available everywhere.  It was a “pot luck” smorgasbord of appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Knowing ahead of time that I would be going to a function like this, I decided to bring a grilled chicken salad.

Walking down the hall, my co-workers said “we are going to add some weight to you.”

If this was last year or even a few months ago, I would have gorged myself on food.

Not anymore, being thin tastes better than any pie.  So, I casually said that I would help myself to some salad.

I didn’t let that bother me.  I am the only one who has to live with my body and how I feel in it.

And, you shouldn’t let that bother you either.

It is OK to say no, you know!

If a good “no” doesn’t work, try saying “I am full right now…” or “maybe in a little bit…” or “maybe I will take some home with me.”

There are lots of easy ways to navigate the “say NO to pie” question…BUT just say NO!

Stay tuned for another holiday tip tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “Tips to make it through the holidays – Just say NO to pie!

  1. We should say no not to only pie but to any and every thing thats loaded with carbs. If people incorporated working out with there diet it would be beneficial and stay away from junk foods that are in reach and put a healthy snack loaded with fiber to help pass bowels more frequent. Mangoes a perfect fruit for the job corn spinach any thing green will do.


    • Thanks for the comment Frank. There are some healthy carbs around too. Not all carbs are bad. In fact, carbs such as yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, steel-cut oatmeal…do the body good! Mangoes…I need to give those a whirl!


      • Oh yes my oat meal i eat great for your heart. Sweet potatoes hmmmm yams i had brown rice just last night with a romaine salad. My drink since i dont drink juice or soda. Water with slices of lemon and lime the citrus acids help break down the fat because our own stomach hydrochloric acid isnt enough. Well most citrus fruit has fibers which is also a plus when losing weight. And inquired taste for new users but a beneficial effect.
        Results are only going to work to people who shows effort and prove to them selves hey my body did that i adapted. Good morning. Lets talk healthy

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  2. Sounds yummy Frank! I hear that a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning aids digestion. Do you try that? Yes, I didn’t believe you could get results, but I worked it and did!


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